I do offer arrangements but this is what I am really looking for in an arrangement. I own a house in another state and I currently rent one here. The type of arrangement that I am looking for is someone that would be willing to rent me an apartment and put it in their name or someone who owns property and would be willing to let me rent it out without having to put it in my name. I absolutely hate checking into hotels and I don’t want my name on another lease. So basically here are the two options if you are willing to rent an apartment for me with everything in your name then I pay the rent, electricity and water in return I will see you 2x a week each week. Or if you want to pay the rent, water, electricity I will see you as many times a month as you like. Just a thought. It has to be someone who is never late on their bills and someone who isn’t married. Because I would really hate showing up one morning and everything is locked up and I can’t get in. Just a thought!

Taylor James


I thought I have seen it all…

I enjoh reading and laughing at things on the board, I find it quite comical. Anyways I thought I have read it all until a gentleman posts an alert telling other gents to be careful. He pays for their time and anyways she literally tries to get him off by a handjob with a condom over it. I feel sorry for the guy I really do but I just shook my head going wow. Okay enough about that one onto a new subject.

Ladies, please don’t cold call or text a client out of the blue. If the guy tells you too then that’s fine but if he doesn’t say it, then cold calling or texting is a big no no. These men and some women pay us for the discretion. They don’t need problems at home with the wifey. Anyways hope you had a great weekend, I know I did as always.

Have a great night folks!


Taylor James

Please read!

It has been a while since I have wrote. I need to clear things up, every so often I get someone thinking it is okay to by pass my deposit rule. They think sending me their license with their home address should be enough. No it isn’t. When I make “John A” send the deposit all the way to “John D” what makes you think I am going to let “John E” slide. It isn’t going to happen. Appointments are not confirmed until I receive an email with the information I am needing. I won’t argue over email with you and I will just ignore you. I don’t care that you got ripped off from some other provider, I’m not that other provider I am Taylor. I don’t need your reference to vouch for you, this is my business and I run it as I see fit. I can tell from the first few emails whether you are the type of person I want to even see. Okay I am done with the deposit portion.

Haha, so I will never out this person, but I must put this out there for others. I am one of the few honest providers in this “world” but before meeting and you are paying a deposit please make sure to use something other than your real credit card. I am not that lady so I won’t do nothing crazy but there are other ladies who don’t care and will run your credit card bill up. So just food for thought don’t use your credit or debit card as a deposit when you have never met a lady. I am very flattered and thankful this gentleman trusted me enough to give it to me, and sorry ladies but he has already been schooled to not give it out unless he is there in person to see you run his information and know it won’t be saved.

Anyways have a great night folks!


Taylor James

Back in El Paso from visiting Dallas and midland!!

I loved my tour session through Dallas and midland/Odessa. I was able to spend time with old friends and met some new ones. I really enjoyed my visits with a few gents and the new ones as well and would highly recommend them to any ladies. I will caution with one that he is just amazing all the way around you will get lost in his beautiful eyes and lose track of time. I mean like an hour or two over. Now being back in El Paso I get to spend time with one of my favorite friends that I thought he was leaving from our last encounter which he is not, yet. I tend to enjoy my Sunday’s with him, maybe a little. Just kidding I really do enjoy seeing him and getting emails from him for me to come over. Anyways have a great day folksĀ 

Taylor James

I have to give a shout out!!

I won’t name any names, but there is one client I see that I absolutely love seeing. He reminds me of being back in Nashville and books my 90 minutes or more package. He is absolutely respectable and I enjoy every minute of it. Even though the last time I seen him it was almost a 3 hour visit. Ladies, if this person ever contacts you, using me as a reference I highly recommend him. Gentleman, you know who you are if you ever need a reference please let me know and I will be happy to vouch for you.

On another note, I had a guy really piss me off, it doesn’t happen much but let me make it clear please don’t contact me until you have read my site thoroughly and have given me all the required information. Having 4 reviews and telling me your reviews should be enough, I’m sorry but no. When you go to a “hot” city and get busted then you will understand why ladies don’t really give two shits about references. We care or at least I care how you communicate with me and if you can follow directions. Have a great day folks!


Taylor James

Hygiene etc.. The ladies and men will thank me

Hygiene is very important in this line of work and in real life also. First off men, seriously lay off the cologne and add deodorant. Nothing turns my stomach more when men have an over powering smell but has bad body odor under the armpits. Instead of being more into the session, all I am thinking about is “please get this over with because you fucking reek.” Ladies, please remember no matter how close you schedule your appointments get the first smell of condoms from your vagina. I would be fucking pissed if I am a client that day and did “daty” and taste latex from someone before me. Always create the illusion if you are high volume to make it seem like that client is the only client you had for the day. Did I miss anything? If I did add to it.

NCNS cancellation policy!!

Do you know what I find is rude, is men/women that don’t respect our time. My time is just as valuable as yours so if you have been communicating with me about scheduling an appointment and I don’t book anyone on a certain day because it was set aside for you makes me lose out on money or meeting someone new. At least have the common courtesy to email or respond back saying you are not able to make it. For not getting in touch with me at all in order to see me in the future the full payment must be paid in advance plus a $50.00 cancellation fee for not canceling in advance.